G Whizz scores with Forward in Faith


March 04, 2016
Contributed G Whizz

Singer G Whizz and top-flight producer Linton 'TJ' White have teamed up for another hit, 'Forward in Faith', recorded by G Whizz and produced by White (TJ Records).

Forward in Faith is one of the most-played songs on FM radio and is also making a strong impact with fans in the streets.

G Whizz (born Garland Rowe) struck gold the first time out with Life, produced by White. They later collaborated on hits including Bartender, Tomorrow and Better Soon Come.

"We wanted to find a song that would connect with the masses of people, to inspire and uplift. We decided to name the song Forward in Faith, because we know that a lot of people are going through stuff, not just in Jamaica but around the world," G Whizz explained.

He spoke about the reaction from fans since the video was released.

"The reception has been good. Radio play and street play are both doing well. Feedback from the general public has been great. The video was premiered on reggaeville.com and, so far, we have hundreds of thousands of views," said G Whizz.

The video was shot in sections of downtown, Kingston, and the Mountain View area. It was directed by Carlington Wilmot.

Forward in Faith sees G Whizz moving into familiar territory, releasing songs to uplift and inspire fans.

"I always do songs to uplift and inspire people. This is a continuation of the type of songs that people can look forward to," he said.

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