Sizzling new comedy opens today!


March 04, 2016
Contributed Some of the women who will star in the play

Ellis International, Jamaica's number one producers of comedy shows including the Ity & Fancy Cat Show, FLOW Comedy Cafe and Christmas Comedy Cook-Up are giving a brand new comedy play created and directed by legendary comedian Owen 'Blakka' Ellis.

Dubbed He Said She Said, this hilarious comedy revue will tackle some popular man/woman issues in new and unique ways guaranteed to have patron rolling with laughter. He Said She Said asks the question what do men and women really want in the bedroom? Are they the same things? Are all things fair and equal in the world of romance and relationships? Can physical pleasure ever be enough for some people? And are we surrounded by or obsessed with too much sex?

He Said She Said will feature the acting talent of well-loved TV and stage actor Karen 'Tiney Winey' Harriott, from Royal Palm Estate and Kathy 'Tan Deh Deh' Grant from the Ity & Fancy Cat Show. They will be joined by Keniesha Bowes, Lakiesha Ellison and Tesfa Edwards. The show will also introduce some exciting new actors in the persons of Matthew Boyd, Jakeme Clarke, Chrystal Cole and Gemmar McFarlane.

He Said She Said has contributions from a variety of writers, including Tony Hendriks, Joan Andrea Hutchinson, Shanan Mullings and Chrystal Cole. An innovative and provocative comedy revue that focuses on man/woman relationships, the play presents a collection of hilarious skits, songs and parodies depicting a range of scenarios and situations that explore some common perceptions, touchy taboos and humorous contradictions around gender, love, sex and sexuality.

He Said She Said opens today at the Courtleigh Auditorium at 8 p.m., call 754-6262 for more details as well as for information on group rates and benefit performances. The production is rated 'M' for mature.

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