Beenie throws shade at Mavado?

March 08, 2016

Months after the two were in a back and forth war of lyrics, many are of the view that a social media clash between Beenie Man and fellow dancehall artiste Mavado is forthcoming,

This comes after Beenie made a post on his Instagram page, seemingly making reference to an earlier post made by Mavado.

Mavado's post was accompanied by a picture of him in his luxurious home in the hills of Upper St Andrew.

"So Bazzle Gullygad big league," his post read.

The King of the Dancehall, some three days later made sure to remind his followers why he made not be in the big league but continues to 'run road'.

"Nuff man inna the Big League yes, but nuff a dem never win the league yet or carry home the trophy or no medal. We always inna di league, never get relegated. MVP fi ten years years straightttttt. #WeRunRoad," Beenie wrote.

This brewing was not be missed by followers and fans of both artistes.

"Wah do Beenie diss the league?" one user questioned.

"Dem inna Grammy League and we inna Mansion league... dem can keep dat,we'll keep di big house dem... hard work," another user commented.

Just January, in an Onstage interview, Mavado made it clear that he and Beenie are in two separate circles.

"Nutten cyaan gwaan wid me and Beenie. Me and Beenie nuh inna di same league," Mavado frankly expressed.



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