Razor B to release new 'Bruk Back' video

March 08, 2016
Razor B

Dancehall artiste Razor B is set to release a new video for his hit single Bruk Back.

Razor B explained the reason behind the new video. "The first video was OK, but I think the song needed a video with a little more creativity to have the impact I am looking for," he said.

The song has been creating quite a stir in the dancehall and on the airwaves, the dance move for the song is also very popular among the ladies. "The females have really tek on to di bruk back dance, much credit to my dancers for creating and promoting the dance move," he explained.

According to the artiste, a release date for the new video has not yet been confirmed. "We are in the planning stage for the shoot so I can't confirm a release date as yet, but it will definitely be sooner than later," he added. 

Razor B recently returned to the Jamaica after completing a mini tour of the islands of the Bahamas. "Bahamas is very nice place. The natives are friendly and easy to deal with, and they love my music there, I was well received and appreciated."

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