I didn't have a gun - Jonnah clears air on shots fired in video

March 09, 2016

Dancehall artiste Jonnah has cleared the air on his now viral video, which shows him frightening his friends with a phone app mimicking gunshots.

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times on social media and has brought a lot of traffic to his music; however, Jonnah says some viewers misunderstood the video.

The relatively short clip showed a group of friends seated in a recording studio bragging about their violent exploits. However, as soon as Jonnah sneaks into the scene and turns on his gunshot-mimicking app, the friends begin to scamper for their lives, some making their escape in an ironic but comedic fashion.

"I just want the viewers to know that the shots were not real and no gun was in the video. In the beginning of the video, I held a phone in my hand and that is what I used to make the gunshot sounds, along with the studio equipment, so I don't understand how some people can actually think it's real. I even specifically said I m going to frighten these ni@@s. People, it's not real, it's just sound effects," he said.

The artiste says the huge response to the video comes as a surprise.

"I never thought it would get 350,000 views in one day and over a million in two days. That to me is overwhelming, the entire world a link mi pon Facebook. People a send mi crazy messages and a add me, to the point where my page is full so they are now following me. What I have done to benefit more is to create a fan page that can hold more followers, and I am now trying to direct the traffic to that page. Even the views of my songs have been climbing since the video; and one time mi haffi a fight fi get some views online," he said.

Jonnah is also promoting the singles Phone Sex, Temporary Friend and Sorry remix. Jonnah is the 2013's winner of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

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