Diesel High creates buzz

March 11, 2016
Contributed Diesel High

Dancehall artiste Diesel High is generating an incredible buzz in the streets and FM radio with the single, Love Them, on the new Drugs rhythm by indie label, Chase Mills Records.

"I just want to big up all the disc jockeys who have been giving me a strength, Roderick, Dalton, Garfield Hamilton, Troy McLean, all from HITZ, big up Electra from ZIP, and the disc jocks from IRIE who ah gimme a strength," he said.

Now residing in Canada, Diesel High has built up a decent underground following in the multi-cultural environment of Toronto, but he yearns for success in Jamaica - the true benchmark for any reggae or dancehall artiste. With this song, Diesel High may be well on his way to getting the recognition he deserves.

"I am finally getting the real recognition in Jamaica and that is where the action is, the capital of dancehall entertainment," he said.

He plans to amp up promotion of the single with a video which will be shot by celebrated music video director Carlington Wilmot.

Born in Manchester, Diesel High, christened Garfield Swaby, left for Canada at 15. But his exposure to Jamaican culture had a tremendous effect on his psyche. Four years later he took the decision to embark on a career in entertainment.

"My love for music is so powerful that I took a different road but I dropped right back into it," he said.

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