Kalado cries racism in Germany - Says he was targeted because of skin colour

March 11, 2016

n Says he was targeted because of skin colour

Dancehall artiste Kalado is claiming that he was racially abused in Germany in two separate occasions recently.

The artiste, who has been on tour in the country, known for it's racially prejudice history, told THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday that police handpicked and removed him from a train because of the colour of his skin.

"I was on the train as the only black person, then out of nowhere came the police and asked to search me. I was wondering why me as the only black person, then they took me to the station and ran their search and let me go because I was clean," said Kalado, who has been on tour in the country since last month.

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The deejay said due to the inconvenience, he ended up missing his ride and also lost his way.

"Because of the time I spent at the station, I ended up missing my connecting train and was unable to find my way around the city. Everybody I asked questions was white and didn't speak English and they walked past me. I spent a good time searching until I saw a black person and asked if he spoke English and he gave me instructions, and that's how I got to my show," he said.

Kalado noted that he also had a similar issue while on a flight in the same country some time later.

"When I took my seat, a white person came and told me to get up even though the number on my ticket corresponded with the seat. I said I wasn't going to move and they called the security, I still stood my ground until I was eventually left alone with the assistance of my DJ who is white. He later told me that mi nuh fi feel no way but a because mi black and a suh the thing set. Maybe because it was a first-class seat that was comfortable, they felt it was too good for me," he said.

Despite his negative encounters, the deejay said the tour has been a success so far and will conclude within days. He also said the encounter with the German police will not damage his reputation in the country.

"They took my name and other information, but dat nah trouble mi because dem never ketch mi with nothing," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But Kalado is not the only artiste to face racism abroad, as dancehall artiste Mavado also experienced racism in 2015 when he and his family were moved to the back of a popular restaurant in New York. He used social media as an avenue to lash out against the treatment.

Meanwhile, Kalado is currently promoting a new single, We Never Punk, and will release a new music video upon his return to the island.

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