New acts dominate Eye Opener rhythm

March 11, 2016
Contributed Kimo Jeepaz
Contributed Adeeno

The 'Eye Opener' rhythm from Washington-based Kaeczar Music Group, is now available online. The project features a number of up-and-coming acts including deejays Adeeno and Kimo Jeepaz.

Kimo Jeepaz, born Okeme Stewart, is originally from Bull Bay, St Andrew. Now residing in England, he is a senior at Nottingham Trent University. Jeepaz' song on the rhythm is Don't Do It.

"The song was inspired by a girl who tried to overcome a challenge she was not capable of overcoming," said Kimo, 22.

He will releases an EP titled Pree My Life, and a mixtape, Kimo Therapy, via Kaeczar Music Group.

This summer, Kimo will be opening act on deejay Erup's Caribbean tour, from July 30- August 11.

Adeeno previously recorded No Matter the Signs for Kaeczar Music Group before spitting some tight rhymes on Up Back on the 'Eye Opener' rhythm.

He enjoyed attention with Puff Puff Pass and Rave and Drink, both of which did well for him in Africa. He has collaborated with a number of African artistes.

Adeeno, born Dean Spencer, is from the Kingston 13 area. He is finalising plans for a Caribbean trek this summer and the release of an EP in September. The project is being produced by Nicko Rebel. He said Up Back was influenced by girls in the dancehall.

The other artistes featured on the rhythm are Cyba with Lock Off; Epsword with One More; Love Spell by Erup; Money Mission by Gal-X; and More the Merrier by Vybrant.

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