Nesbeth's wife never feared death

March 14, 2016
Nesbeth pays tribute to his wife, Annmarie Elliott-Nesbeth at her funeral service in March.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Sakani Nesbeth (son) speaks as his father entertainer Nesbeth look on
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Donna Wedderburn-Allen (mother) breaks down during a tribute by Nesbeth. She is consoled by Vincent Allen (step father)
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Lathan McCleary (brother), LeonHenry (uncle) and Shevene Allen (Step Sister) hold hands in support at the funeral service
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Stepdaughter Sa-Andrea Neseth (left) and Donna Wedderburn Allen (right) shows support as AzanNia Nesbeth pays tribute to her mother Annmarie Elliott-Nesbeth.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Empress Mullings (right) hugs Shevene Allen (step sister) at the funeral service for the life of Annmarie Elliott-Nesbeth held at the New Life Assembly of God in Kingston on Saturday
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Students of Dunrobin Primary School perform a musical tribute

AzanNia, the 14-year daughter of Annmarie Elliot-Nesbeth, said her deceased mother had a smile that could light up a room.

Annmarie, wife My Dreams singer Nesbeth, died on February 17 at the age of 32.

On Saturday scores of persons turned up at the New Life Assembly of God on Constant Spring Road, Kingston for her funeral service. AzanNia, who was overcome with emotions as she spoke.

"It was by no means perfect," she said. "We had our fair share of bad days. We would argue over me not washing the dishes or cleaning my room or taking her stuff. I was always putting on her clothes. I lost more than a mother, I lost my best friend."

Sa-Andrea, a step-daughter, said Annmarie was a mother in every sense of the word.

"She called my brother and sister and me her three other children, and she always treated us well, blood or not," Sa-Andrea said of Annmarie who was a cosmetologist.


tremendous strength


Donna Wedderburn-Allen, Annmarie's mother, described her daughter as a fighter and said she showed tremendous strength from a tender age.

"Even while growing up, Ann was always strong. She was always determined and hardworking. I remember my wedding in December, she was so ill and I told her to rest and she said 'mommy if I even have to crawl I'm going to watch you walk down the aisle' and she did everything in that wedding, made bouquets, decorated the church, everything," Annmarie said.

Greg Nesbeth, the high-flying entertainer, tied the knot with Annmarie in 2013. Before that, they were partners for over a decade. He told the church that if he were to talk about all the happy memories he and his wife shared, he would never end.

"Ann never feared dying innu, What she feared was this gathering, us coming together to mourn like this. She was more concerned about what this would do to her family," Nesbeth said.

The entertainer then performed a song he wrote for Annmarie, recounting her final moments and how her death devastated the family and the void that her passing has now left in his heart.

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