Reggae Boyz cling to Nesbeth’s dream

March 15, 2016
File Nesbeth
File Reggae Boyz

Currently living his career dream, Nesbeth will continue to see his stocks soaring as the entertainer's song was selected as the theme song for the upcoming Jamaica vs Costa Rica World Cup qualifier.

The Reggae Boyz vs Costa Rica Concacaf semi-final Round World Cup qualifier will get under way on Friday, March 25, at the National Stadium, starting at 7 p.m.

It will be the third match in the semi-final round of qualifiers for the Jamaicans and the first of back-to-back matches against the Central Americans.

With the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) looking to maximise attendance at the National Stadium, Nesbeth's much-revered hit single, My Dream, has been chosen to rally crowd support.

"For this game, we are pretty happy that the rising popular artiste Nebeth is partnering with the federation with his latest song, My Dream, which represents the nation's dream," said Janice Rose-Brown, the JFF's director of operations.

"We all know that the theme for the World Cup campaign is 'Russia We Say', and in that light, we know that it is the goal and the dream of the entire nation."

Nesbeth's My Dream featured heavily at political campaign meetings held by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the lead-up to the February 25 general election.

Andrew Holness, the JLP leader, danced to the song on many occasions, and at one campaign, he said that Nesbeth might have written the song for him.

Holness' JLP won the elections, and at the swearing-in ceremony for Holness, Nesbeth not only performed the song, but also shared the stage with the newly sworn-in prime minister.

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