Chris Martin releases sure-fire hit 'Steppin'

March 16, 2016
File Christopher Martin

Following up on the success of his hit song, 'Big Deal', Chris Martin seems to have yet another sure winner on his hands, his latest single 'Steppin', featuring Busy Signal.

Martin has a good feeling about the song produced by Robert Livingston on the Big Yard Music label.

He revealed that the initial song was great before Busy Signal came along, added his vocals, and made it even better.

"The song was done and complete, and then Busy heard it, loved it, and said he was going to go on it, and that's exactly what he did. If the track was at 90, he brought it to 180. The doubled it up. It's crazy," Martin said.

The two have a natural chemistry, having worked together on other projects over the years.

Chemistry aside, Martin believes the infectious rhythm has been resonating well with fans since its recent release.

"Anytime the song drops, even without the vocals, from the instrumental drop the club just goes crazy," he said.

"It's like our theme song. You know, me and my friends, Usain (Bolt), Jermaine Mason, a couple of us, Bibi Gardener, we call ourselves the 'A' team. The song is like our anthem right now. It's that kind of song that you know is going to make an impact."

Martin, meanwhile, left the island last Thursday as he looks to promote recently released material including Steppin'.

The near month-long trip will have stops in Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, Montserrat; as well as Boston, Miami, and Washington in the United States.

"In general, I have a song called Under the Influence, which is doing extremely well not only in the Caribbean but also in the States, so we will be giving that a lot of attention, and so we will be putting a lot of promotion behind that song. With Under the Influence and Steppin', it looks like it's going to be a busy but productive year".

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