Hot Granny turns head in Mobay

March 16, 2016
Alan Lewin Photo Veronica Reid, Montego Bay's hot granny.
Alan Lewin Photo Veronica Reid, Montego Bay's hot granny.
Veronica Reid, Montego Bay's hot granny.
Alan Lewin Photo Veronica Reid, Montego Bay's hot granny.

At the age of 68, Veronica Reid is thinking about a career in the modelling business.

For this Montego Bay, St James, resident, who has been raising heads in the country's second city, dressing up and and looking good is a hobby.

She believes that she could cash in on her looks and style, but is certain her children would not allow it.

"I would do it but I don't think they would appreciate it," said Reid, the mother of seven children.

'If I were to be born again, I would take up the modelling business more seriously, where I can go on tours and be in television commercials," she added.

Reid said dressing up has always been a life-long passion. She recalled being the centre of attention because of her style, while attending school.

Reid said she carried her fashion sense with her to the workplace and it earned her several admirers. For many of the men who look at her daily, "it causes a lot of problems".

"I try hard to ignore them sometimes," she said.

"When I am on the road, I get a lot of compliments. The schoolboys and everyone want, to take pictures with me," Reid said.

A former employee at a garment factory in the Montego Bay Freezone, Reid recalled an occasion when she wore a flowing white dress to work.

"Oh, my God. I got all the attention," she said.

She told THE STAR that on her way home from work that evening, a man driving a car, found sweet words to say to her and offered to take her out.

"I said no because I don't know you. He went into his pocket and gave me some money and then drive away," she said.

The hot granny told THE STAR that she spends a lot of money on clothes. She said she receives support from her children, and, despite dressing up, looking good has been her thing from she was a child. She has vowed to continue being Montego Bay's hot granny.

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