Chin Chin pushes Jah Jah Pickney


March 18, 2016
Chin Chin

After a brilliant performance at Britjam, dancehall artiste Chin Chin is aiming to push her latest single, 'Jah Jah Pickney', on the 'Drugs' rhythm for Chase Mills Records.

"I shot a video in Ocho Rios, the day after, for the song because I know it is a hit. When I posted it on my Instagram, I got over 24,000 views in only a few days so, by next week, we will be pushing out the video," she said.

Chin Chin kicked off her set with her rendition of Rihanna's Work, but immediately went into overdrive when she introduced dancehall artiste Anarchy as her "new man". The crowd almost lost its mind as they proceeded to deejay an x-rated song together as Chin Chin provocatively danced with him. After that she could do no wrong, and got another round of forwards when she took out a large padlock to deejay songs such as Why and My Life.

Chin Chin has experienced a surge in her popularity since the two singles were released in January. Why, marketed on YouTube as a 'Gully Bop diss', has generated more than 200,000 views online across several platforms.

She will be shooting videos for some of her new songs.

"Frassout will be shooting a video for Why in the next two weeks, producer Rinsy Colours wants to shoot Wife Mi Name," she said.

Chin, 26, is working hard on releasing an EP later this year.

"Right now, I have over 10 tracks completed, people a post say mi need fi come with an album or EP. I have a lot of unreleased material, just need to get the rhythms so I can re-record them," she said.

She can be contacted at Instagram @teamchinchin.

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