Ganggoolie preaches 'Gwaan Pray'


March 18, 2016

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie has reinvented himself with a socially conscious song, 'Gwaan Pray', that has caught fire on FM radio and the imagination of the listening public.

"Mi a get a great buzz in the streets with the song on IRIE, Suncity Radio, Roots and RJR. Big up to Gary G, Digital Chris and DJ Bryan from IRIE, who ah give it a strength, plus Calico and Firewayne from Suncity ah beat it on the radio," he said.

The feedback has been so incredible that Ganggoolie shot a video for the project, which he will release this week.

"Mi feel great because of the feedback. More time, things change. In the past, mi do happy songs like Muscle Wine, and dem tings de, but I want to do songs that last so mi a sing songs for the people, about their struggle, in order to give them a voice," he said.

Ganggoolie lost two brothers to bloody gang violence, and his father died after being stressed following the death of his first brother.

"It has been rough for me. I have my own struggles but, even though I lost my brothers, mi still a hold a firm meditation. That's why mi ah do songs with more substance," he said.

Ganggoolie will follow up Gwaan Pray with My Testimony, also on the Audiotrax Productions label.

In February, Ganggolie returned to Jamaica after a successful tour of Canada where he performed in five cities. The tour was Ganggoolie's first Canadian tour.

"It was an experience, three weeks in the bitter cold of Canada, but the love from the fans really warmed me up, especially the white people who love dancehall music," he said.

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