MoBay Deputy Mayor endorses breast competition

March 19, 2016
Michael Troupe
A scene from a carnival road parade.

Big cash prizes are being promised for well-endowed women who show up at the Granville Annual Carnival Mardi Gras, which has been endorsed by Montego Bay's deputy mayor, Michael Troupe.

The event, which is to take place next Sunday at the Granville Post Office, is said to be a eagerly anticipated within the community.

"This is the third staging of the event and the people in the community love it," he said.

But Leith Dunn, head of the Gender Studies Department at the University of the West Indies, Mona, said that based on what she has heard of the poster, "it is very disturbing".

"It is most unfortunate that such competitions are being endorsed by people who hold public offices. As a country, we need to educate men and women on how to respect women because competitions such as those are nothing short of degrading," Dunn said.

distance himself

Along with a cash prizes being awarded to the persons with the best carnival costume, there will also be prizes for women with the best 'assets'.

When contacted, Troupe sought to distance himself from the competitions, stating that although it is his event, he has a committee that is responsible for its planning and execution.

"My understanding is that it is a part of the water party celebrations and was planned by the members of the committee. I also understand that the judging will be handled by persons outside of the community," Troupe told The Star.

When quizzed on the appropriateness of him endorsing such competitions given his public office, the deputy mayor said that he supports the event for the positive changes it has made in the community since its inception.

"It gives them a chance to party and have fun together and builds unity among them and I endorse the event for those reasons."

Troupe said that he did not read the poster carefully and thus was not aware of the segments for which prizes were being offered.

"I just got the poster and uploaded it. Honestly, I did not see the fine print. I'm endorsing the event for the positive changes it has brought to the community over the years and nothing else."

The Granville Annual Carnival Mardi Gras event is scheduled to take place at the Granville Post Office. A road march is set to signal the start of the festivities as persons are expected to march from Cars-to-Go in Catherine Hall.

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