TMMG has big ambitions

March 21, 2016
Contributed From left, Kamal Lowe, Corey Coombs, Andre Barnes, Rayon Smith and Lorenzo West - members of the Tower Band and the five pillars of the Tower Music Media Group.

Just under a year ago, a group of talented young musicians - AndrE Barnes, Rayon Smith, Kamal Lowe, Corey Coombs and Lorenzo West - came together as a group with an ambitious collective vision.

They call themselves the Tower Music Media Group (TMMG), and have begun to build a platform towards success. "TMMG is a production/management house," said Barnes. "We are the band, we have production, we have management, bookings and public relations. Basically, it's a one-stop shop."

Individually, they have worked with a number of local entertainers but as a group, they are currently handling the fledgling career of French reggae/dancehall entertainer Charly B and just recently they signed on to do production work and bookings for veteran entertainer Tony Rebel.

Rebel, who recently worked on a new single called My Dread with the group, describes them as a talented set of youngsters. "They remind me of myself. I can help direct them. My experience is good for them and their energy is good for me," he said.

Smith is a studio engineer, keyboardist, videographer, photographer and video editor, while Barnes, a drummer, handles management, marketing and public relations. Lowe, who also handles PR, is the road manager, producer and social media manager; and Coombs, the guitarist, is the assistant manager; who also helps out with PR and social media management. West plays the bass and also handles social media.

"The collective vision is to be competitive internationally with regard to music and all forms of audiovisual production, whether it be music video and/or short films," said Smith, who is also known as 'The Professor'. "We want to be the central hub in the Caribbean that can compete internationally with all forms of entertainment."

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