Marcus and I Octane at Odds

March 22, 2016
Contributed Marcus Myrie
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Dancehall producer Marcus Myrie has parted ways with his long time friend and former business associate I-Octane.

Marcus said the split was inevitable since the relationship was rocky for months. He said I-Octane recently crossed the line when he dissed him in a song then deleted him from social media because he showed support for rival dancehall artiste Popcaan.

Marcus posted two diss songs aimed at I-Octane on his social media page on the weekend, both recorded by his artiste D East. The producer said unlike I-Octane, his camp is not into beating around the bush.

"Me and I-Octane nah deal from July. Mi put up a video on Instagram using the slang 'Kickout' and he and his manager called me about it and was chatting up a bag of things. After that, they blocked me on Whats App because dem and Popcaan nuh good. Wi split and a do wi own thing, then him a guh sing song seh boy sell out dem friend for Mark X. At the time a me a drive a Mark X, suh mi know a me him a talk," he said.


D East, who was also in the studio with Marcus at the time of the interview, told The STAR that I-Octane is not man enough to face Popcaan.

"Me just a defend mi camp and I-Octane can send whoever him want to send to defend him if him fraid fi do it himself. Him have him fan-base, yes, but my fan-base is building and anybody dem send wi ready," he said.

But I-Octane's manager, Ray Alexander, told the STAR that he is unaware of the feud brewing between his artiste and Marcus' camp.

"A who name suh? A di first mi hear that. I have just been so busy refurbishing my apartment that I don't really know about those things," he told The STAR.

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