Jamaican edition of Gaycation TV series angers viewers

March 23, 2016

Jamaica's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender societies have once again been thrust into the international spotlight.

This after parts of an episode of Gaycation (a TV series which documents the lives of people from the queer community) emerged on social media.

The video has been causing quite a stir on Facebook as users believe the documentary is once again painting a bad image of Jamaica on the international market.

In the latest episode of the popular Canadian TV show, Canadian movie star, Ellen Page and her best friend, Ian Daniel journey to Jamaica where they meet members of the Gay community who talk about the dangers they encounter based on their chosen lifestyle.

They interview a transgender man who refers to himself as Trina Boss B**ch who tells them he wants to seek asylum overseas because he fears for his life in Jamaica. He then proceeds to show them where he was burnt with acid and shot allegedly by persons who do not accept his lifestyle.

The video has angered some social media users who believe that the documentary is being used to brand Jamaica as a dangerous homophobic country.

“This celebrity gal really guh Jamaica guh film this,” one user posted. “We keep allowing them to mek we country look bad. Uno stop anywhere in this world u go u have haters of gay lifestyle so stop negatively branding my country,” the post continued.

“Sorry to say I don't like this. People need to remember that we depend on tourism to help our economy. A show like this do more bad than good for us. These gay are looking attention. Me upset and cross because I see gays walking in Jamaica freely and nobody not troubling them,” another said. The video has already been viewed some 51000 times on Facebook.

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