Brown’s Town ready to fete - Digicel, Appleton Special’s Carnival Pon Di Road today


March 24, 2016
Contributed The 'Fluffy Diva' Miss Kitty (left) shares a moment with Digicel's Danielle McLean. The two were enjoying the vibes during Digicel and Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road which stopped in Montego Bay at Old Hospital last Friday. 

Digicel, Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road today

The bustling Brown's Town, St Ann, will explode with musical bliss today for the Digicel and Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road.

As the series takes the Jamaican Carnival experience across the island, patrons are being invited to come out and unleash their inner party animals as duo Eon and Robby continue their body painting, transforming patrons to fIte animals as part of this year's jungle theme.

Explosions of vibrantly coloured powder is a flagship feature of the event and will continue to intensify the series, accompanied by energetic soca and dancehall mixes by DJ Kurt Riley and ZJ Sparks.

Miss Kitty is expected to take to centre stage in true 'diva' form, keeping patrons entertained throughout the night with great energy and giveaways galore. The jungle dancers will also deliver as they propel the crowd to fIte in true carnival fashion.

The series, now in its second year, has gained much traction, becoming a staple event for carnival lovers islandwide. Miss Kitty spoke to the Digicel and Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road saying: "Carnival Pon Di Road is extraordinary, it is phenomenal. From the DJs Kurt Riley and Sparks to the dancers, the giveaways we have and the crowds of people that come out - the energy is amazing."

Miss Kitty says patrons can expect more superb entertainment from today's staging.

Entry to Digicel and Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road series is free and patrons must be 18 years or older to enter. The series' exclusive Special bundle deals continue with two 200ml (Qs) of Appleton Special for only J$1,000, with J$100 Digicel credit free and an Appleton Special tumbler.

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