Linguiss ready to save dancehall...Admits some people thinks he is mad

March 26, 2016
Contributed Linguiss
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Linguiss Di Savioursays he is on a mission to rescue dancehall music.

The story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ is on the lips of Christians at this time of year.

In the entertainment arena, Chevaun Bowen, who has taken on the name Linguiss Di Saviour, is hoping that his name will be on the lips of many around the world as he embarks on a mission to rescue dancehall music.

Like Jesus did centuries ago, Linguiss Di Saviour wears a robe, and he, too, has carried a cross. Last November, when he announced himself to Jamaica on the over 100-pound cross, Linguiss Di Saviour said that he was ridiculed by some who did not understand his mission.

not a MAD MAN

However, in an interview with The STAR last week, the entertainer said that people have since warmed up to him.

"Initially, when people see me dem ask, 'a wonda if da yute deh righted. Him dress up inna robe and a seh him a di savoiur and him get vision', but people are passed the 'Oh, him a mad man' stage now because they have been hearing my songs and they see my talent," Linguiss Di Saviour said.

"When dem hear mi songs or mi interviews dem a seh, 'Yow! Da yute yah different man'. They have definitely become more receptive," he added.

The 28-year-old University of the West Indies graduate said that it was never his intention to court controversy. He told The STAR that he was just following instructions he received in a vision in May 2015.

"Everything weh happen it did affi happen dah way deh," he said.

"Mi believe inna God and mi know say dis is my task upon the land fi save dancehall. Most of the people inna dancehall now just a copy others. People just a recycle ideas. No main player nuh inna dancehall right now with a certain level of talent that will make you say. 'Wow!' A me a di man weh a go save the music," Bowen said.


In addition to writing songs which he said are in line with the mission on which he has been sent, Linguiss Di Saviour goes around daily in his robes as Jesus did in the days of old.

"Mi dress like this all the time except when I'm sleeping, and I'm comfortable because this is me, I'm the saviour. I don't exist without this mission."

He also revealed that like Jesus, he has a faithful following behind him and they, too, wear robes.

"Mi glad yuh ask that," he said laughing. "Me have loyal people around me weh believe inna me. Dem follow mi go a dance and dem wear robe like, me too, so mi have me disciples dem man, definitely."

Though he has not put an exact time line on when he will complete the task of 'saving' dancehall, the artiste explained that things should be changing in the industry within the next five years.

"Five years from now, I will definitely be a mainstay in dancehall," he said.

"In less than five years, I will become a household name because within minutes of having a conversation with me, people are instantly converted from thinking he's a mad man to he's got real talent. So the wider the platform, the more people will accept me," Linguiss Di Saviour said.

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