Deejay denies being kicked out by ex-lover

March 29, 2016
File Moshan
File Moshan

Dancehall artiste Moshan has denied allegations that he was recently booted from his home by his former lover.

According to the artiste, allegations started from a misunderstanding on social media.

"I was in a little altercation with my girlfriend because she went through my phone and saw some messages. There was already some back and forth between her and my wife in Canada, and I guess it just got out of hand," he told The STAR.


The artiste said he is not living with his ex-girlfriend because of the altercation. He stressed that he decided to leave and in no way was he kicked to the curb.

"She was upset, so she burnt my clothes, but I wasn't evicted. I don't know where people got that story on social media. When me and my wife in Canada broke up, we went our separate ways. I packed my things and I left. It's the same thing with this situation. I am currently living on my own with my family, but nobody nuh evict mi. People just need time and space right now," he said.

The recording artiste said the failure of his marriage means his ongoing filing arrangements in Canada have been stalled. However, he said this is not the end of the road.

"She was filing for me, but yuh know dem thing deh pon hold right now because of mi ex-girlfriend. Sometimes, you have to live and learn. I guess I was living too much in the fast lane. I never wanted this to get out, but all I have to do now is just stay focused on my music and do the work," he said.

Moshan is currently promoting songs like My Money produced by Warrior Music, Touch by Chase Mills records and recently recorded a single called Social Media.

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