Messam releases Are You Ready


March 30, 2016
Contributed Messam

Clarendon-born singer Messam is promoting his latest single, 'Are You Ready'. The song was co-produced by Messam and Dave Richard.

"The inspiration for Are You Ready was derived from the tropical climates, the exotic women, the culture, the lovely beaches and the food from the Caribbean, South Beach and Miami," said Messam.

Now based in Florida, Messam's passion for music developed from an early age. His first recordings were Kids Of The Future and Butterfly.

In 2006, he was first runner-up in the South Florida Reggae Song competition. He has received attention in the Florida reggae circles with songs like Looking Good, It's All Good and Face Song Book.

He spoke about his musical journey. "While on this musical journey there have been many teachers, lessons, tests, trials and tribulation, and the loss of a best friend. This journey has propelled and helped me to see that when you keep the faith and never give up, God has the first and last say; so I am very thankful to those who have been with me along the journey," said Messam.

He added: "I am bringing a different style and calibre of music relating to everyday experience of my life challenges - the good and the bad, and not so good for my fans to come out with a positive outlook."

Messam recently released the mixtape titled Messam: Are You Ready.

He spoke about what he hopes to achieve musically. "A wider a fan base, both locally and internationally. I want to create an audience through performances via radio, Internet, media and many charitable organisations; to do work for underprivileged, underserved, disenfranchised individuals. I would like to win Grammys, score hits on the Billboard charts and have my music placed in movies and on soundtracks."

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