Khago, Savage at odds

March 31, 2016
Contributed Khago

Dancehall artistes Savage and Khago are currently at odds following an incident which allegedly took place at Chris Gayle and Fada Bulla's Dutty Fridays Record label recently.

According to Savage, who is signed to the label, Khago came to the premises to record a song with a female companion. However, things turned sour when Khago started a fight with the woman because he saw her exchange numbers with him.

"The girl ask me for my song Culu Culu on her Whatsapp and he saw, and by the time mi go in the studio to record a dubplate, him start beat up the girl. I guess him feel a way because she give me har number," he said.

Savage also posted a video on social media chastising Khago about cutting his locks. He further warned the Nah Sell Out singer to avoid the studio, while questioning the artiste's ability to face him in a lyrical warfare.

"Khago never war a real war artiste. Mi already mention him inna a song name Kill Him and it a drop tonight (last night). Mi a di grim reaper and him a go dead inna di war. A not even him mi a focus pon, but mi haffi shoot after him because him out of order," Savage told THE STAR.

people business

When contacted, Khago denied Savage's allegations. He also suggested that Savage is simply trying to extend his current buzz from Culu Culu.

"A cyah Khago him a talk. Him a smoke something higher than weed because 90 per cent of what him seh a di first mi hear about it. I was recording and I am not sure what happened between somebody and dem woman. But I wasn't involved, a other people business dat. Besides, a me and my wife par," said Khago, who is currently promoting Hey Yah Hey Yah that was produced by Kurt Riley.

While distancing himself from the allegations, Khago had strong words for Savage: "Him seh him a guh step inna mi face. Him free fi do dat and a same so mi free fi chop off him foot. A mussi because Alkaline nah look pan him. Savage is a good deejay and mi nah go discredit him, but Assassin a di baddest lyricist inna dancehall and mi never fraid fi step to him," Khago told THE STAR.

"Yuh can't sing in yuh nose and kill mi because Jamaica can't hear you clear. Gwaan enjoy yuh Culu Culu. And you don't own a studio, not even a single box. A $5 million for my mixing board alone. Since when yuh get so boasy? Since yuh stop brush Mavado dog teeth?" said Khago.

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