DJ Rinse on the rise

April 01, 2016
Contributed DJ Rinse

DJ Cashflow Rinse is gearing up for a hectic 2016. The disc jock, signed to Cashflow Records, was kept busy for most of last year, playing at gigs locally and internationally.

The DJ recently returned from Belize says he has been making an impact on the international scene.

"I must say, my fans' reaction in Belize was magnificent and unbelievable. They gave me an overwhelming feeling and I felt at home.

"The overall energy I got from them made me know that I am connecting with the international audience through my mix-tapes, and its good that they can see that I am not only a mix-tape DJ but I can entertain in any setting," he said.

DJ Rinse said mixtapes have helped to expand his brand. He also credited his recent success to relevance on social media.

The DJ recently released projects such as Pure Dancehall Mix, Spring Break Hip Hop and Nuh Boring Gyal mixtapes, a compilation of some of dancehall's biggest contemporary hits. He said he wants to make a career out of the music, using creativity and vibrant energy.

"I am the mixtape prince and I always try to stand out from other DJs. My main aim is always to entertain my audience and, at the same time, deliver great content.

"I am grateful for the support that I have been getting and the experience is priceless, both local and abroad.

I just want the best for my career right now. I am also seeking sponsorship for some of my ideas, so, potential sponsors, hit me up," Cashflow Rinse said.

The DJ is gearing up to release a new freestyle mixtape, My Moment Vol. 6. Previous mixtapes can be downloaded on YouTube, Sound Cloud and other popular music.

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