Paco General launches label at event


April 01, 2016
Contributed Paco General

Rising dancehall artiste Paco General will tomorrow stage Mill A Week Hollywood Invasion.

The deejay will use the event to promote his newly released songs, shoot scenes for a music video, and also to launch his new label Mill A Week Entertainment.

Mill A Week Hollywood Invasion takes place at the Benjamin HQ in Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew. The event will feature music from top sounds and selectors, as well as appearances from up-and-coming acts and some of Paco General's friends from the music industry.

Music has always been Paco General's passion since he was a child.

"I would describe my musical journey as fun, but on the other hand, hard and challenging at times. I've had a lot of good and bad times and a lot of sleepless nights, but I've learnt a lot throughout my journey, so for that, I'm grateful," he said.

Born Clydwin Rutherford in Free Town, Glengoffe, St Catherine, he attended the Oberlin High School, and later, Glengoffe High.

"I decided to do music because of my love for it, so I decided to make it my occupation. Damian Marley has been a major musical influence for me," said Paco.

Since his entry into the music world, Paco General has worked with producers, including Javed from Black Angel Records, A-Vizzle from Can You Hear That Music; Acezz from Acezz Records among others.

Paco General's latest releases include Goldmine, Zero to Hero and Zero D Game.

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