Raytid recruits dancehall queens for Dutty Shake

April 01, 2016

Dancehall artiste Raytid has released a music video for his dance song titled 'Dutty Shake'

The song, which was produced by DJ Blaze of Fiyah Blaze Productions, has spawned a female dance craze in the dancehall.

The music video is expected to bring the Dutty Shake dance into the household of dancehall fans, in the process making the song into a commercial hit.

According to Raytid, the video for Dutty Shake represents authentic dancehall culture, especially since footage features popular Dancehall Queens Sher, Nickeisha, Renee Six Thirty, and Nikki.

The video was directed by Damanic Green and saw the crew travelling to Fort Rocky in Port Royal, Kingston.

"I love everything about this video ... the location, the dancing, and the girls. I am amazed at how well the director shot the video and pulled it all together to properly reflect the Dutty Shake movement," Raytid told Dancers Paradise.

Raytid is no stranger to the dancing community. His last dance song, Blah Daff, became an overnight hit in the dancehall last year and has been viewed on YouTube more than one million times.

Producer of the Dutty Shake dance record DJ Blaze told Dancers Paradise that the single has been performing well.

"I genuinely appreciate the support and love that Dutty Shake is getting internationally. Along with street team promotions, radio, publicity, and parties, the official music video takes the record to the next level, further exposing its magnitude. I have to really shout out all the dancers across the world for posting and sending out dance videos of the tune and sharing clips of DJs dropping the tune with crowd responses," DJ Blaze said.

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