Soca fever sweeps Brown’s Town


April 01, 2016
Contributed The jungle-themed dances strike a pose
Contributed Revellers from the crowd joined the jungle dancers on stage to show off some dance moves of their own.
Contributed ZJ Sparks ventured off-stage to 'wuk up' the crowd during Digicel and Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road in Brown's Town last week Thursday.
Contributed The jungle dancers formed a conga line on-stage
Contributed Patrons show off their Special prizes
Contributed A spray-painted patron is all smiles after winning prizes courtesy of Appleton Special for her hula-hooping skills.
Contributed ZJ Sparks and DJ Sanjay share a Special moment
Contributed A section of the crowd wave their flags high

Digicel and Appleton Special started last Easter weekend with a bang, continuing their Carnival Pon Di Road series. B

Brown's Town got a special dose of soca fever. The street carnival brought in thousands of patrons to the bustling town square last week Thursday. Giveaway games brought patrons to the stage and in the limelight.

From dance moves to hula hooping, revellers enjoyed a fun-filled night with Miss Kitty, ZJ Sparks and Kurt Riley.

In the late hours of the night, jungle-themed dancers engaged the crowd with their conga line across the stage.

Carnival lovers were also in for a treat when ZJ Sparks joined the crowd to 'wuk-up' to the soca vibes. The series throws its final fete tonight at St William Grant Park, downtown, Kingston.

Here are highlights from Brown's Town.

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