Gully Bop new girl threatens to end relationship


April 02, 2016
Gully Bop and A'mari
Gully Bop

Controversial deejay Gully Bop is now in hot water with his girlfriend, A'mari, after a mystery woman claimed that she is pregnant for the artiste.

During a telephone interview with Gully Bop, the deejay's girlfriend started shouting in the background that he was lying when he denied knowing the woman who was making claims of carrying a child for him.

"Don't believe him because the girl who goes by the name Kylie has called me and told me things that she could only know if she was with Bop," said A'mari, after seemingly grabbing the phone from the deejay.

A'mari told THE STAR that she recently learnt that Bop had been involved with the woman claiming to be pregnant for months.

According to her, money she had transferred to the deejay over the past few months and he gave it to the woman.

"She sent me pictures of her with the money and papers I sent them with. She also told me that she used my money to get prenatal care," said an obviously angry A'mari.

seemingly pregnant

But the deejay, who came to fame in late 2014, vehemently denied knowing the woman who first posted images of a her seemingly pregnant belly to Facebook last week.

"Me nuh know that girl from Adams. She couldn't get pregnant by me, but A'mari a make people feed her head with foolishness," he said.

The deejay also told THE STAR that there are persons conspiring to end his relationship with A'mari who is also an artiste.

"Somebody paid that girl to do these things to try break us up," said Gully Bop.

A'mari then countered Bop's claims, adding that she is considering ending her relationship with him, but she is reserving that decision until she meets with the woman claiming to be pregnant with his child.

"We are supposed to meet, and based on what she tells me I will know what to do next because I did not leave America for a man to take me for idiot," she said.

A'mari's relationship with Gully Bop is relatively new to the public and comes less than three months after his official break up with former fiancee, Chin Chin.

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