Skatta cautioned for bashing carnival


April 05, 2016
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Ibo Cooper
IB Konteh

Producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell became social media's latest target yesterday, after he openly critiqued the support of carnival.

According to the producer, in a rant on social media, Jamaicans are quick to celebrate foreign cultures while neglecting their own.

"Not hating on soca music, but until I see my own reggae culture highlighted, respected, and supported in this fashion, I will never change my tone. No soca artiste is as big as Bob Marley, and I have never seen this country block off the entire Kingston community for nothing having to do with reggae," he said in the rant.


The Billboard-charting producer also brought Reggae Month under the microscope, stating that Jamaicans have not supported the festivities brought forward by Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA).

"February is Reggae Month and we never got this much support. What are we really saying about what we own? It is not appreciated and I can see it. If things continue like this Jamaica will lose everything that made us special, while we support things that don't benefit our nation," he posted.

However, Skatta's now viral comments are nothing new to the public. Having taken note of the post, event coordinator IB Konteh decided to share his two cents on the topic. He responded to the producer stating that nothing is wrong with supporting



"Every year around carnival time, members of the dancehall fraternity say things similar to what Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell made on IG (Instagram). Why do we have to ban or boycott one product because another doesn't get the support you think is deserving? What is so wrong with Jamaicans embracing soca music and carnival?," he said.

"Ever thought for a minute that if other countries and cultures never embraced Bob Marley or reggae or dancehall then Jamaica would have lost out on it's greatest export? There would be no tours, dub plates, Billboard, among other things."

Konteh also added that influential reggae/dancehall participants should be building networks with the private sector and Government in order to ensure that the Jamaican genres receive the respect they deserve.

"It's such a selfish and myopic view on music from a global perspective. The solution to dancehall's answer to carnival cannot be a boycott of said events or genre. It must be a meeting of the minds of major players to move the industry forward by lobbying Government and private sector," he posted.


When contacted, JaRIA's Chairman, Ibo Cooper, said he hopes the success of carnival will eventually benefit Reggae Month.

"I fully support every promoter and carnival. I hope the support and success of carnival will then transcend to the support of Reggae Month, come February. Since Kingston was designated as the creative city, we have seen improvements and increased support from the Jamaica Tourist Board. Some people are already on board for next year, and we hope the success of carnival will make the private sector give us more help," he told THE STAR.

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