Social media users defend the 'Curvy Diva'

April 05, 2016

Since the exchange of words between the divas on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall on Saturday night, social media users have taken sides.

However, though the Fluffy Diva, Miss Kitty, has her loyal fans, the Curvy Diva, Yanique, has managed to reel out a great deal of supporters, in fact many persons are of the view that most persons are defending her.

"@yaniquecurvydiva you should make Ishawna's song 'show off' be your intro song for the next mkq episode. No girl can't frighten u wid them bank book," one Instagram follower posted.

"I'm so disappointed with what I saw and heard from #‎MissKitty. As of tonight I have lost respect for Miss Kitty. I was expecting better from her, trust mi, it hurt mi baddddddddddd. Not the forum, it nuh look good for the show. Not the place, not the time," another wrote.

Most persons are seemingly upset that Miss Kitty made mention of education, titles and her bank book. 

"Yanique as (sic) a right to answer cause nobody anu stuge, deal with everyone with respect. Kitty too hype like a she alone have money and education," one Facebook user stated.

"A foolishness d one Kitty kip up kmt she a gwaan like weh she deh a born she born so smh accomplishment no Fi earn muma...kitty a move like new coolie," another said.


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