Big turnout for Merritone tribute


April 06, 2016
Monty Blake (left) and Mikey Sparkle

Winston 'Merritone' Blake was greatly loved by music lovers both at home and abroad.

More than 200 fans came out to pay tribute to late Jamaican musical icon last Sunday at an event which was held at the C&J Hideaway in Lithonia, Atlanta, Georgia.

"We got a very good turnout, the venue was filled. The event was done Merritone style. All the DJs lived up to expectations; they played the same quality of music Winston would have played. There was a special slide show that featured pictures of Winston, and the venue was also nicely decorated with his photographs," said Jannice O'Shea of InnOvaShea Events, who hosted the tribute.

Winston Blake's younger brother, Monty Blake, was the special guest DJ at the event.

"The patrons were especially surprised and very happy to see Monty Blake; he was warmly received. Monty had a great time; we also celebrated his birthday with a wonderful dinner buffet. At the end of the event, he was presented with the donation box which contained all the proceeds from the event," O'Shea said.

The event that was dubbed 'Tribute to the iconic Winston 'Merritone' Blake', was produced by Mikey Sparkle Production.

"I am very pleased with the support the event received. I knew it was going to be successful because Winston Blake had a huge following in Atlanta. The last two times he came here, he played at the same venue where the event was held. His family has also given us the permission to produce the official annual Merritone Funday event in Atlanta," said Mikey Sparkle.

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