Chris Martin in Big Deal with KFC

April 06, 2016

He's the Big Deal singer, he calls himself the 'Big Deal Boss' and now the deal has been sealed.

After releasing the hit tune, I’m a Big Deal towards the end of 2014, which still carries tremendous airplay 17 months later, Chris Martin has partnered with KFC Jamaica. 

KFC Jamaica launched its ‘2016 Big Deal’ campaign and Chris Martin and Busy Signal were called to collaborate again having just dropped their latest track “Steppin” together in March 2016.  Both would work with producer Bambino to develop the song that would form the radio and accompanying television ad.

“Working with Chris has been great! Once Chris took ‘BIG DEAL’ to another level with his hit song, we just knew we had to do something with him at some point. And then having Busy on the track as well added some spice to it, making it hotter than ever. ” said Tina Matalon, Marketing Director of KFC Jamaica.

This marks the first time that KFC Jamaica has used a celebrity endorsement in a 360 degree visual campaign, and is also Martin's first time doing a major corporate brand endorsement.

“Chris Martin is an incredible talent and a really positive person who speaks to good values. He represents Jamaica in such a big way and we have so much more to look forward to from him in his growing career.  It’s the type of message we have at our core as well so, it just made sense to get together!” Matalon added.

For Martin, working with KFC Jamaica has also been a wonderful experience.

"When I sang I’m a Big Deal, it was just great that KFC has a meal called Big Deal. It’s word sound power and when you put things in the atmosphere, it blossoms and this is the fruit. This is how the partnership came about, and it’s a wonderful thing. It’s a wonderful thing for me," said Martin.

But though in the song Martin speaks highly of himself, he says the song  was never out of conceit but had to do with empowering an individual's sense of self.

“Nothing to do with money or fame or vanity, this has to do with self-worth and believing in yourself. I just want more people to believe that and believe in themselves”.

KFC’s popular Big Deal meal has been Jamaica’s favourite for decades.  Three pieces of delicious KFC Chicken available in all three flavours: Original Recipe, Hot ‘n’ Spicy and KFC Jamaica’s very own signature BBQ sauce; is served with fries and a 457mL drink and is available at all 34 KFC restaurants islandwide.

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