Miss Kitty Apologises

April 07, 2016

Media personality and Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall resident judge, Miss Kitty,  has issued an apology following a verbal exchange between herself and Yanique Barrett during Saturday night's airing of the show.

"I would like to apologise sincerely to the show's organisers, the sponsors, Television Jamaica (TVJ), KFC, Magnum and Digicel, the artiste Shemdon after whose performance I raised the issue, the fans and last but by no means least, the viewing public," she said.

But before the apology, Miss Kitty sought to clear the air on the matter that was being circulated regarding issues between herself and Yanique. 

"It was being said in the media that there was a problem or 'beef' between the hostess and myself. I had no such 'beef' and was surprised to see and hear this being said. I realised that this 'beef' was being orchestrated in the media with the intent of stirring unwanted controversy. It is very important to note that I wanted to have no part in any such contrived spectacle for cheap popularity," she said.

And for those who were wondering why she mentioned her accomplishments on Saturday night, Miss Kitty explained that what she did was out of an attempt to protect same.

"During my years in media and entertainment I have worked assiduously to build my career and brand based on genuine accomplishments and my God-given talents. In an effort to protect those accomplishments and to 'clear the air' I addressed the contrived issues during the said live broadcast," she expressed.

"Although I tried to deal with the issue decently, on reflection I admit that it was not the appropriate place to mention the matter.  I chose it because the matter was raised during the live show the previous week by one of the competition's judges and felt that I had to address it on the same 'stage'," Miss Kitty added.

In ending her letter, the 'Fluffy Diva' thanked her loyal fans and well-wishers for the support.

"I would also like to thank my team and the people of Jamaica for their continued support throughout the years including the past few days... so big up oonu good clean self and help me buss a Miss Kitty blank... Lalalalala.... because a progress me say!” she said.

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