Better Prepare warns Minister Smith


April 08, 2016
Contributed Minister Smith

In this largely secular world, it is a breath of fresh air to meet young people who are doing God's work through their music. Minister Smith is one such advocate, and with his latest song, Better Prepare, he sends an uncompromising message that points people towards God.

He has been getting a lot of positive feedback from the song, especially internationally, and has been getting regular rotation on radio stations such as Hot 102, Linkage radio in New York, ATL Praise House in Georgia, and Devon radio station in New York.

The song has been gaining traction on the local market as well and Minister Smith couldn't be happier with the feedback.

"So far, it has been a great journey for me as a Christian and as a gospel artiste. People always commend me on my voice and the message that I am sending," he said.

The song is produced under Sadat Record Label. The 'minister' says he will continue to use his music to reach out to people so that no matter what situation someone is in, that person can listen to his music and be affected in a way to bring about positive change in his life.

"If I can bring about positive change in at least one person's life, I will be happy about it. I want people to be changed by my music and prepare for the coming of God."

The video Better Prepare has been very well received, garnering a lot of attention from the public.

Minister Smith has many upcoming projects that he is working on and urges his growing fan base to look out for more wholesome music to come their way.

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