Richie Stephens, George Nooks collab

April 08, 2016
George Nooks
Richie Stephens

Veteran singers Richie Stephens and George Nooks have collaborated on a single. Stephens hopes the song will be a platform to inspire people, during these troubled times. Father I Love You, the song is a remake of an original done more than a decade ago.

"It's a song that I did about 15 years now. It's always a people's favourite," Stephens told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"I decided to do another version of it because the time that we are living in now, we always reflect on the Father.

It was done originally as a ballad and I always thought of doing it back in reggae so I could bring it more to the Jamaican people."

Stephens wanted to change elements of the song and include another voice, and came up with George Nooks.

"George is someone that has been doing gospel music along the way and since this song has such a strong gospel appeal and inspirational vibe, I said, George, who has been doing it for a while, and who I know expresses a strong conviction in singing these gospel songs, would be the perfect man to do the song with."

He approached Nooks who agreed and, with Kirk Bennett, they put the song together at Mixing Lab.

The song also had input from Robert Browne and Fatta Marshall. It has been out for about two weeks and has been hitting all the right notes with its audience.

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