Versatile tweaks name


April 08, 2016

Dancehall artiste Versatile has changed his name to 'Versi-Versatile' in a bid to improve his online-marketing presence and better differentiate his brand in the world of dancehall.

"I made the name change because of branding consideration, and my management team wanted to differentiate the artiste from he word that appears in the English dictionary," he said.

In the meantime, the deejay is amping up promotion of his latest single, Pon Di Ends, recorded with bril beatmaker Jay Crazie.

"That was a special song because I voiced it on the first day the studio opened up, because it had been under construction, so it is the first song voiced in the new studio. It was just magic, it was different, the song just connect on so many different levels," 'Versi-Versatile', born Sheldon Taylor, said.

Since its release, Pon Di Ends has been getting excellent rotation from heavyweight disc jockeys on major FM radio stations in Jamaica and overseas.

"Liquid premiered it, Big A from IRIE has been playing it, JJ Wizzle, Calico from SunCity, Roderick Howell, ZJ Electra, so just big up everyone who a give it support," he said.

Plans are well advanced to shoot a video for the project, given the excellent early buzz. The deejay is also continuing to push his Made It EP, featuring nine songs, which was released last year.

The deejay is best known for songs like Bank ina Mi Pocket, Holiday Start, My Year, and Me Need You, a collaboration with D'Angel.

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