Chin chin stars at Life Change


April 13, 2016
Chin Chin

Dancehall firebrand Chin Chin delivered a breakout performance during fellow artiste Navino's stage show, 'Life Change' in Spanish Town, St Catherine, on the weekend.

Dressed in a green tight all-in-one outfit that hugged her curves, she had the men in the audience salivating as she reeled off a slew of songs.

She began her performance with Look How Mi Hot and had the girls screaming forwards for her at the front of the stage as they marvelled about her clarity and great use of melody.

She did her remix of Rihanna's Work, where her seductive wines seemed to captivate the audience. She then segued into another song, saying 'a man backstage a nuff up himself say ah him fi a work mi now', then she freestyled a hardcore dancehall song, digging out a couple forwards from the enthusiastic crowd.

Chin Chin premiered a video for her latest hit song, Jah Jah Pickney on CVM's Onstage last week, and she will be launching her first EP, Honey Bee soon.

She can be contacted at or through her Instagram account: chinchin_bosschick.

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