D-Major releases new track, Firetruck

April 15, 2016

Recording artiste D-Major has been pretty busy in the studio lately, churning out a truckload of songs that have been resonating well with his fans. His latest project - a dancehall track called 'Fire Truck' - promises to be no different.

He said this latest single, was produce by former TOK member Craigy T, who has gone into production on his own since his departure from the group.

"The song is produced by Gafjam Records, Craigy T's production. He just linked me and said he is doing his first solo production since leaving the group. I heard the riddim and I liked it, and we just go knock it, out," D-Major told THE STAR.

international appeal

He said the song was done to have international appeal, and he is hopeful that it will find fertile ground in those markets. "I see myself as a Jamaican artiste, not reggae, not an R&B, so we can do anything. It has a fusion of R&B and dancehall; it has everything mixed into it. I even got a call from a friend who heard it and asked the producer to promote it because it's a good song, a potential hit," the singer said.

This latest track, along with others like Nicest Squeeze, has been building momentum for D-Major, whose career has gained new energy under the management of Kingy Lettman. "This year has fulfilled itself already it his first quarter so I am really pleased at how things are going already and I am really excited about what is to come," he said.

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