Drama pushes Moshan's 'Social Media'


April 15, 2016
Contributed Moshan

After the brouhaha on social media with his girlfriend torching his clothes after she suspected he had cheated on her, dancehall artiste Moshan has released a video for his popular song, 'Social Media'.

"Crazy people a call me say they saw the video premiere on Onstage and how they love the concept and how the video look clean, and ting. They loved how we dramatise the lyrics to the song. It shot!" a confident-sounding Moshan said.

The single itself, released on the Social Media rhythm for the Crown Eagle Productions label, has received a boost on FM radio in recent times, buoyed by the controversy.

"A pure talk a talk a mek inna the streets say mi real life a copy di music, and a bagga tings. People a send me bare voice note a sing the song. White people ah sing the song on Instagram. Mi go inna shop and hear people a sing the Social Media word fi word. The song is on over 30 mix tapes and counting. It a ah go be huge for the summer," Moshan, aka Moshy, said.

Moshan held the pole position on the FIWI Choice Top 10 charts with the breakout radio hit Jealousy for six straight weeks. The single, released on the Money Mi a Look rhythm for True Loyal Records, is the deejay's first number one.

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