Frassman shoots video this weekend


April 15, 2016

Dancehall artiste Frassman is getting ready to shoot the video for his latest hit Workey Workey. The dancehall/soca inspired track was produced by Barbados-based producers Gorgie Worgie, Jon Deesy and Paul Parris. It is featured on the Chuck Norris rhythm.

The video will be directed by Mamaz Boiz Films. The Mamaz Boiz Films crew is known for working with acts including Jahmiel, Zain, Transporter and Paco General among others.

Since he has been back in Jamaica, the Connecticut-based Frassman has hit the ground running promoting his latest songs. Pop Off is also one of the songs that the self-styled 'Pop Off Boss' has been promoting especially in the streets.

The video for Workey Workey will be shot in Red Hills, St Andrew this weekend.

Workey Workey has been making some impact on social media thanks to a number of female dancers who have endorsed the track and uploaded their videos to social media sites.

"Big up the dancers like Renee Six Thirty, Sher, Nickeisha and Head Top who have been supporting the song on social media. The ting shatt," said Frassman.

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