Steve Tulloch sings for kids


April 15, 2016
Contributed Steve Tulloch

Reggae artiste Steve Tulloch has decided to look out for the young ones in the release of his song, Leave The Children Alone, the first single from his recently-released EP of the same name.

"The whole concept of the song is derived from the fact that so many children in Jamaica, and many other places around the world, are being killed, maimed, brutalised, abused, you Name it. So I wrote this song to send a strong and clear message, leave the children alone," said Tulloch, who is gearing up for the official release of his first studio album at year end.

Leave The Children Alone is produced by Steven Stewart of Kingston-based Harry J Studio.

Steve Tulloch entered the music scene with his first single, Ghetto Life, which was produced by George Needham.

Since taking his music career seriously, he has seen great improvement in his career.

"My musical journey has been quite interesting, I have gained a lot of experience, thus far, so I have grown to be the artiste I now am, no regrets. My music is based on a positive vibe for the people to be informed and educated about what's happening around them," he said, adding that he intends to bring back authentic reggae.

Fans can find him on Instagram: @Thestevetulloch and Faebook: Steve Tulloch.

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