Tifa's Big Bumper makes BBC playlist


April 15, 2016
Contributed Tifa

'Big Bumper', the latest single recorded by dancehall artise Tifa, has been added to BBC Radio 1's playlist alongside international superstars Rihanna and Drake's monster hit 'Work'.

The inclusion of the song on the playlist means that the singer will see amplified rotation and exposure to thousands of new fans and opportunities on mainstream radio.

"I was elated to find out. I was just randomly going through the hashtags with my name on Twitter, and I stumbled across a tweet that they had been sending out since March 19. To see my song beside Rihanna's Work is big business," Tifa said.


"It may sound cliche, but I'm happy that the work that I'm putting in is paying off. I have to thank all the selectors and disc jocks for pushing my songs," an elated Tifa further told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Big Bumper is produced by Christopher Birch on the Moskato rhythm.

With her current international success, the Jealous Ova singer has moved to capitalise on the opportunity with the premiere of an official medley video for The Champ/Big Bumper.

"Big Bumper was initially voiced in January, but the video itself was released three weeks ago. It's just coincidence that it is timely with what is happening now. Some of my fans have been requesting that I sing a song for the Big Bumper and I decided to take up the challenge. Men have always been singing about 'tucking in our bellies' so I just decided to pay tribute to the ladies who are considered thick," she said.

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