High hopes for 'New Beat' rhythm

April 20, 2016
File Vershon
Jah Vinci

Ras Blinga Records has released a new rhythm-driven album called the New Beat rhythm, which has received a distribution deal from VP records and will be sold on all major online platforms.

The New Beat project features Jah Vinci, Turbulence, Shane O, Zamunda, Vershon, Jus Cris, Clip C, Dermy D, Dolli Difference, Hya P and Krishan.

According to Oliver Shaw, the CEO of Ras Blinga Records, the album is positive and is a good representation of reggae music.

"It's an album for the entire family and overall people who are looking to enjoy great music. I am always looking for new and unusual sounds, and if you can bang it or twang it, I will produce it," he said.

The rhythm has been receiving steady play on commercial radio and the Internet, and Shaw believes reggae lovers have been captured by the melodies.

"I am getting a good feedback, it is a very good look. People gravitate to it because it's reggae with an R&B flow, and I am bringing something new to the table. Everybody a gravitate to the rhythm now a seh it bad," he said.

scarce commodity

Shaw added that good reggae music is a scarce commodity, therefore, fans of Jamaican music should give the project their full support.

"It's different, and it's been ages since something like this has been produced in the music industry. Once the music is good and people have a good music ear, they will support it and buy it. There are some good songs on it that people will like. People love the type of style that I am bringing. We are still doing promotions, and we are on the airwaves worldwide," he said.

The producer also stated that fans have been making requests to have Chris Martin and Dexta Daps record singles on the New Beat instrumental.

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