Reality star Cardi B references Alkaline's Champion Boy

April 20, 2016

Jamaican music has once again received a nod from an American celebrity, this time in the form of reality television  star, Cardi B.

In a photograph where she is huddled between fans, Cardi B captioned her picture,

“Dem did a Seh mi career soon dead a two years laters now and mi never feel so alive #Championgaleverybody wish bad pon di champion Gal ;)”

This reference to “Champion Gal” is a direct shadowing of controversial artiste, Alkaline’s hit Champion Boy.

Cardi B who appears in the hit reality show, Love and Hip Hop NewYork has worked with Jamaicans on her music career.

The reality star who has 3.3 million followers on Instagram  has worked with Popcaan and Shaggy on singles since she came to prominence in 2014.

The post on Instagram garnered over 37,000 likes with persons excited about her reference to the Alkaline’s hit.

“Champion gal cardi big up Alkaline #championbwoy #alkaline,” posted one user.

Another user posted,  “One bag a gold medal pon me enuh. Champion gyal you you know how the ting go #Alkaline#ChampionBoy.”

Alkaline’s album, New Level Unlocked which was released in March has recently peaked at number one on the Billboard Reggae Album charts.

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