I am the official Billboard selector - Fire Links

April 21, 2016
Fire Links
Kanye West

In celebration of his recent success on the Billboard chart as a part of Kanye West's single, 'Waves', veteran selector/producer Fire Links says he is now the 'official Billboard selector'.

Waves is currently at number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 24 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart. Fire Links' 'Tun it up' slang was featured prominently in the song.




Fire Links, who was in a fiery mood during his interview with THE STAR, also lashed out against persons who have discredited his role on the single on social media.

"People a guh always have something to seh, but the ears don't lie. I am still here, I am not dead. So whether my name come in the credits or not it is a collaboration because it's not one man's effort make the song. Even if you take out Kanye West's voice, mine is still on the instrumental. When you bought the album, didn't you hear my voice?" he questioned.

He also used the platform to establish himself as the 'official Billboard selector', despite the fact that rival selector Boom Boom is known to refer to himself as the 'Billboard selector'.

"Some man a seh dem a ray and tay, but wi nuh have no proof of that. Mi nuh see no song when mi do mi search, so where is the proof? I am now the official and certified Billboard selector," he said.

Speaking on the chart achievement, Fire Links said the Grammys is the next step.

"It's a great feeling reaching this milestone. Anybody who is into music knows that this is like the World Cup for musicians. Billboard is the platform for the Grammys, and this is definitely a good feeling," he told THE STAR.

Meanwhile, the selector also said he is currently promoting the song in Jamaica.




"A me a do promotion. Stone Love play it a few times too, but no bag of selector locally not playing it, maybe when it picks up. Also, from the news break about it, only two selectors out of all I know say congratulations. Maybe dem a wait until it win the Grammy, mi nuh know," he said.

Often chastised by critics for the very sound Kanye West used to create Waves, Fire Links said his success is testimony that one should always have confidence.

"When you have confidence it build a brick around you from negative energy. So when people were saying how a just noise mi mek, I had confidence in myself and kept focus. From Body Guard Sound System days people a seh mi mek noise and I never let it get me down and look at me now," he said.

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