Dance JA brings woman power to Magnum stage


April 22, 2016
Contributed Professor Nuts delivers his signature “Rugguh” following Tequila's performance
Contributed Mizza Bling demonstrated superb DJ skills that left the judges speechless
Contributed Dance Jamaica delivered a riveting dancehall routine that had the audience's eyes glued to the stage during Magnum Kings & Queens
Contributed From left, Tanesha Wallace, Hannah Rouce and Keisha Minto make Magnum Kings and Queens a regular stop on Saturday nights at D'Entrance.
Contributed Resident Magnum Kings & Queens judges from left, Skatta Burrell, Miss Kitty and Professor Nuts, were joined by guest judge Dutty Berry at last Saturday's staging
Contributed From left, Nicky Williams, Fabian Cawley, Fabian Larmond and Shanelle Kenneddy made it a date night

Dance JA Queens Stacia Fya, Kimiko Versatile and Latonya Style delivered a powerful authentic Jamaican dancehall choreography routine at the seventh live performance show of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

Describing themselves as 'cultural ambassadors', the three veterans, who have been dancing since the 1990s, delivered an old-school rendition of popular dancehall moves with interjections of agile extremities.

The three were passionate with their movements and dramatic with expression, much to the enjoyment of the many in attendance at D'Entrance on Constant Spring Road on Saturday.

Alumnae of Cathy Levy's Ashe, a talent group established over a decade ago, these ladies are continuing a legacy to create stars among Jamaica's upcoming dancers. With studios located at 22 Barbican Road in Kingston, Dance Jamaica has positioned itself as a leader in dance as an art form.

Other dance groups that have performed during the KFC Skankaz segment on the show are Crazy Hype, MOB Dancers, Black Star Dance Crew, Kiss Kiss, Twin Star, and Black Eagles Crew.

Producers of the dancehall talent series have integrated elements of Jamaica's pop culture in the weekly 90-minute live production. With the incorporation of a dancehall fashion show depicting a 'Brazen' theme - featuring trends by local designers; and Di Endz, a Digicel-sponsored bar scene where the show's designers and contestants are interviewed by newbie Triple X, Magnum Kings and Queens has maintained a legitimate Jamaican product.

Castle Blue contestants will be featured on the next staging of Magnum Kings and Queens tomorrow. Princes and princesses will vie for the Magnum crown and the $1 million cash prize.

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