Dimon Treajah hits chart with 'Work Hard'


April 22, 2016
File Dimon Treajah

Rizing Stars recording artiste Dimon Treajah is riding a groundswell of popularity with his latest single, Work Hard , on the 'Drugs' rhythm for Chase Mills Records. The song No. 5 on the FIWI Choice Top Ten charts, which aired on TVJ last Saturday.

"The people have been complaining that the Government does not protect them from unscrupulous business owners who abuse dem and don't pay them properly.

"Mi know nuff bar girl who get all half-pay more time, and man pon site whose boss diss dem and style dem more time when it come to dem pay; so is a real problem inna Jamaica, and it can lead to violence more time," he said.

During the recent general election, the Jamaica Labour Party proposed a tax plan which would see Jamaican workers who earn $1.5 million or less annually paying no income tax, but it is no secret that the country is struggling to find the means to honour the Government's commitment.

"The people need this break, it is time for Jamaicans to make a little extra so they can use that money to start a small business or do some home improvement or something. And maybe that's why on Facebook so many people ah use the Work Hard song to push for the tax break," he said.

The artiste is also getting a huge buzz with the single, Sexual Healing.

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