Ministering the Gospel .... Ryan Mark gets best of both world


April 22, 2016
Ryan Mark performing
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Ryan Mark in an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR on Tuesday.

... Ryan Mark gets best of both worlds

Gospel artiste Ryan Mark said he has been turning down invitation to perform at shows.

Ryan Mark, a pastor since 2014, said though he still performs as an artiste, most of his time is now spent shepherding his flock at Pure In Heart Ministries International at 80 Half-Way-Tree Road, St Andrew.

"I have to learn and keep learning the word of the Lord. They expect words of wisdom from me so, you understand, I'm always studying," Mark told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Ryan Mark has become a household name in gospel music in Jamaica, having made appearances on some of the country's biggest gospels shows, such as Fun in the Son, Recharge and Genesis.

For the last two years, Ryan Mark has refocused his energy towards taking care of his congregation.

"People think being a pastor is standing at a pulpit and delivering a sermon but let me tell you that it is just five percent of pastoring," he said.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that marriage, guidance counselling and visiting ailing members of the Church are just a few of the items on his daily to-do list.

Though he has taken up a new role, Ryan Mark said he doesn't intend to stay completely away from his musical pursuits.

"I know some people have been wondering where I am, or even if they see me on the road, telling me it's the first time they're meeting me. But I'm right here.

Every Sunday, dung ah Half-Way-Tree Road," he exclaimed with a wide smile.

Ryan Mark said being an artiste and a minister gives him the best of both worlds.

"With music, I get to be behind the scenes and then the performance is carried more by the music itself. But, in church, you're behind the pulpit but you end up talking to the people every day. They're not just an audience," he reasons.

During the interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Ryan Mark would look away with his finger tapping lightly on his knee, intermittently humming a song. When asked about it, hesmiled widely and said, "A song, inuh, meditation."

"I don't need pen and paper to write a song. This came to me last night and everything comes better with practice. I've been singing it all day."

Though fully occupied in his new capacity, Pastor Ryan Mark said he has been writing music and going to the studio.

"Every Tuesday and Saturday, I put some time in at the studio," he said, with a smile forming on his face.

"Before the end of this year, I should be ready with a new album," he said.

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