Ryzin 'attacks' Versatile in new song


April 22, 2016

US-based dancehall artiste Ryzin has released a hard-hitting track titled 'Low Mi Style', which is aimed at fellow dancehall entertainer Versatile, who he recently accused of stealing the lyrics of his song, 'Tek Mi Picture'.

The two deejays have been throwing words at each other since Ryzin called out Versatile on Instagram for releasing a song titled (Action) Tek Yuh Picture, which has lyrics similar to those in his song.

"Versatile think him can steal my song and get weh wid it. Well, it nah go so! He believes that because I live in the States, I don't have any credibility in the streets of Jamaica, but he's in for a surprise. Right now, this song is only the first one. Mi have nuff more tunes fi drop fi him. Mi nah ease him up. Mi have nuff fans a yaad who love and support mi music," said Ryzin.

In Low Mi Style, Ryzin takes potshots at Versatile's name, saying, "Yow! Yuh nuh versatile else yuh wouldn't try tief Ryzin picture style.

"I know for a fact that I am a better artiste than Versatile. Him nuh bad like Ryzin no day a talk bout man fi look a work. Mi a go mek sure him stop deejay and go look a work Mi nah ease him up. Lyrically, him nuh inna my class no day. Mi a go kill him wid tune."

Low Mi Style was produced and released by the Kingston-based label Got It Records on the Scheme Up rhythm.

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