Prince's former drug dealer reveals singer's grave addiction

April 25, 2016

Named only as Doctor D, a man has come out saying late pop singer Prince was a drug addict.

The man said he sold drugs to Prince between 1984 and 2008.

Doctor D claims Prince would spend up to $40,000 (£27,700) on six month supplies of highly addictive Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches.

He made the revelation to the UK based media entity, MailOnline.

“I first met Prince in 1984 while he was filming the movie Purple Rain and he was already majorly addicted to opiates - I didn’t hook him on drugs. He was already a really heavy user," he said.

But Prince did not just use any drug, he specialised in what he took and for specific reasons.

"As far as I knew he never took heroin - as that would leave you out of it for days whereas Dilaudid gives you an energy buzz as well as making you feel relaxed - so he preferred it," Doctor D stated to MailOnline.

He added that even though drug use was costing the superstar a lot of money, he managed to keep up.

“I’d say his habit was costing him about $200-300 a day, but that didn’t matter to him as he had plenty of money - he never ran out.”

Why would Prince use drugs?

“He needed the drugs because he was so nervous - he could be nervous in a room with just five people in it. He was scared to go out in public, he was scared to talk to people and didn't like to go on stage - he had the worst case of stage fright I'd ever seen," Doctor D revealed.

"A lot of performers rely on drugs to make them feel confident on stage, but he was by far the worse," he added.

“I remember when he was filming Purple Rain he was buying a lot of drugs - I think it was nerve wracking for him to have to perform in front of cameras and people every day so he needed the drugs.”

And though Doctor D is making all these claims about Prince's drug use, he was still shocked to hear certani allegations after his death.

"I was surprised when I heard he had been picking up prescriptions before he died,' he said.

According to reports from MailOnline and other sources, Prince made several trips to a Walgreens pharmacy in the days before he died and was even photographed outside the store hours before he was pronounced dead.


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